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Mar. 16th, 2010


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Dec. 7th, 2009

Day 1

I love the idea of writing something that only I will read on the most public of media-- the internet. It's strange how everything I write will be available for access by anyone in the world with an internet connection, and yet I am the single person who gives a shit about anything I feel like saying.

Day 1.
I can only document my obsession with Twilight, because it has gotten progressively fiercer. It is threatening to consume me from the inside. Just while writing that last sentence I had an inexplicable picture pop into my head: the Burger King burger boxes featuring promo pics of New Moon. I haven't eaten in a Burger King in probably over a year (and even then it wasn't by choice) and yet now I'm thinking I'll go in just to check out just how Twilight-adorned the place can actually be... and maybe score some awesome eye candy to stare at while eating fries (and then possibly keeping the container on my desk for an undetermined amount of time for display purposes).

God dammit, how did this happen to me.
It started with one little blog, perused once in a while-- called Robert Pattinson Life. Then I found myself going on every day, feeling chagrined (chortle chortle) by the lack of updates.... so I naturally decided to branch out, find other Pattinson and Twilight fansites and blogs, and a lot of them I liked. Some I liked a lot. Regardless of the people running them, there was always something new to discover, some new interview from Japan or a behind-the-scenes video I hadn't seen. My curiosity was being fed, and I loved it.
Twitarded introduced me to some interesting women with senses of humor and a long, long list of other great Twilight blogs. Some of these blogs post Twilight schedules for each day, showing what New Moon-related media will be broadcasted on TV that day and in the days to come. I found reviews both gratingly praise-y and really nit-picky. I found hilarious spoofs like How Twilight Should Have Ended, and the Rifftrax of the first Twilight film, which is absolutely fucking hysterical and can be found in an abridged 10 minute version on YouTube.

I cared enough to look through Variety, Slate, Jezebel, Perez Hilton, TMZ and NPR's Twilight listings. I found pics of Robert Pattinson filming Remember Me downtown, Kristen Stewart having a (cigarette) smoke break, and even Kristen Stewart having a weed smoke break. I've heard some of Robert Pattinson's recorded music, and seen a video of him performing. I've watched a montage video of various Kristen Stewart on screen kisses, and I even favorited it. (Am I a creep?) I've seen countless pictures of Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift out on dates, and I've watched every late night appearance any of the trio (and some of the supporting cast) have done. I am so screwed.

It's to the point where I can't seem to find anything new anymore, except actually new stuff, but that stuff isn't coming quickly enough, and it makes me a sourpuss, which makes me in turn double sourpuss-y (!) for having been so easily manipulated by Twilight.

Fucking Twilight keeps sucking me back in.

At this point I believe I am in a lull of obsessive Twilight mania because everything has maybe died down a bit since New Moon has come out. Sandra Bullock's movie beat New Moon yesterday (Sunday) too, right?
I have to admit that upon hearing this news I felt a little derision and a strange protective, fierce loyalty to New Moon that is embarrassing because it is so ridiculous and frankly unnecessary.